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Samantha, always wanted to visit Venice, the beautiful city of romance and adventure. On her birthday she decided to go alone. When she arrived, she fell in love with Venice. She visited many shops and treated herself to some exquisite pieces of jewelry. After a few weeks of fun and meeting new friends, she was invited to a Masked Ball. With much excitement, she accepted the invitation.

Samantha, arrived at the ball wearing a lovely deep blue satin gown with multicolored rhinestones and a peacock feathers mask. She looked stunning. The music was playing a happy tune, everyone was unrecognizable behind their masks. Samantha, noticed a dark haired man, dressed in a Black Phantom of the Opera Costume, staring and watching her every move. Finally, he came close to her and extended his hand to dance with him. She accepted, he was a good dancer she thought, but not one word was exchanged between them while they danced. When the music stopped, he kissed her hand and said "Grazie Bella" and left before midnight, so he would not have to reveal his identity.

After the Masked Ball, Samantha was thinking about the mysterious man she danced with at the ball. Who was he, she wondered. The next day, she went to the gondola, the gondolier was friendly and smiling at her. He was exceptionally handsome and there was something familiar about him.......

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